Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry, usual fare tonight.


Accustomed as we are to mainly grey and rainy skies, we've been enjoying unseasonal mild weather these last few days - which didn't deter the local supermarket from stocking up - and me - from buying our favourite Christmas goodies: 'Spekulatius' (spiced biscuits) for me; Domino Squares for my hubby. I'm really proud of myself that I refrained from buying even the smallest chocolate Santa - it is, after all, only September!

I had another hour to kill before it was time to cook something for dinner, so I continued to amble through the aisles, pushing an enormous shopping cart in front of me (I'm fairly small, so this usually merits a few guffaws from fellow shoppers), when I came upon something called 'Toasty'.

Basically, it's a chicken nugget that's been flattened to resemble a Swedish crispbread. You slot it into the toaster and switch it on to the highest level. It pops out lightly browned, hot and crispy -   I briefly wondered if I could get away with serving this for dinner, then immediately dismissed the thought...well, it was one of those days, when I just couldn't be bothered with churning out a three-course meal, so I shuffled along, threw in some pasta, celery, a few carrots, a tin of tomatoes, some ground beef...spag-bol it is. Again.

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