Friday, September 5, 2008

Keeping long distance friendships alive

I've lived in many places, therefore I have friends in many places. I know that it's difficult remaining good friends over great distances, but with a little dedication it is possible. What's a few thousand kilometers between friends right? Here's my advice:

*email frequently, not just on special occasions
*better yet - buy a webcam and skype
*send photos or videos of your latest vacation
*attend alumni events, or any other common interest event where you might meet up with
  old friends
*don't forget to invite them to an event of your own, i.e. wedding, housewarming party, baby shower, graduation, book launch, whatever - make them feel included. Even if they can't make it, your friends will appreciate the thought.

And who knows? Maybe one day one of your friends will surprise you by showing up on your doorstep!

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great advice on something certainly very hard to accomplish. Thanks,

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