Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just one of those days

Today wasn't a good day. I woke up at 5:00 AM thinking I heard my cat in distress, so I stumbled down the stairs, but thank goodness Sammy was in his usual place, curled up on a chair in the kitchen. I wasn't completely awake yet, but I thought I saw him give me the evil eye - he wasn't amused being woken an hour early, you see.
Well anyway, since I was up I decided to shower and get ready for the day. I had an appointment with the local gyno this morning, which for me is worse than a visit to the dentist.  Apart from my husband, I don't really appreciate strange men gaping into any bodily orifice of mine.
It was freezing cold this morning, and the brisk walk to the gyno's office left me quite breathless. Formalities taken care of I scuttled into the waiting room where a girl of about 18 was talking loudly, and I mean VERY LOUDLY to the woman next to her. For the next ten minutes I was forced to listen to her complaining about her boss, wondering what to wear to a friend's party, the chocolate cake she was going to eat and so on. My mood took a decided dip.

The gyno called me into his office via the intercom and as always grinned at me in that typically professional cheery way which I always find so irritating, more so this morning. He's also prone to chit-chat, which I'm absolutely not in favour of with my pants down.

I escape his office in under 20 minutes, which is a feat and I'm quite thankful for. I'm usually stuck in there for an hour. I rush back home to get ready for my tutoring, which I enjoy most days, but even my youngest pupil can tell I got out on the wrong of side of bed this morning. Oh well.
Then it's off to the supermarket for the weekly groceries, back home to cook, eat, drink and fix my printer which has been out of order for the last couple of days and now I've got a massive headache. Where are the aspirins when you need them?

It's definitely an early night for me.

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