Monday, September 15, 2008

Oktoberfest 08

Oktoberfest kicks off this Saturday 20th! Two weeks of non-stop drinking yourself delirious and (forced) merriment. Another plausible excuse for skiving off work and for menfolk (mostly) to lech for all those dirndl-clad women...

Years ago I was coerced into joining the fun, which consisted mainly of downing as many beers as possible, while swaying to and fro to the sounds of a brass band. Since I'm not much of a drinker I was swaying to and fro all of my own accord. But the worst bit was when my colleagues insisted we should all go on one of the 'fun' rides. It wasn't the beer that was sloshing around my intestines that had me worried - it was the fact that they paired me up with the most obese woman in our group, and since the cart only held two people at a time it made for an utterly lopsided (and scary) ride. I remember hanging onto the front bar for dear life...there was soooo much space between me and that bar. It was a nightmare, I tell you.

But if you're into that heart-attack inducing stuff, by all means...go.

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cube said...

I like beer AND rollercoasters. Sounds like fun!