Saturday, September 6, 2008

Apple Pincushion

Granny Smith


Mad Asthmatic said...

I love this pin cushion, do you have a pattern you can share with us?


Duni said...

Hi MA,
thanks for your kind comment.

Basically, I adapted the pattern from the book 'Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle' by Tone Finnanger. Perhaps you are familiar with the Tilda series?

Anyway, if you can't find the book, you can make the pattern yourself: just draw an 'apple' shape about 12 cm high on a piece of cardboard. The top part (about 1.5 cm) should angle outward - this is the seam allowance that you will later fold under. Place on a piece of fabric that has been folded in half, right sides facing. Draw the shape and sew
all around it except for the top. Cut out leaving about 3mm seam. Turn right side out and iron. Fold top seam allowance in and iron that too. Now take an embroidery thread and loosely stitch all along the top circumference. Lightly gather the fabric. Leave the thread dangling while you stuff with batting, making a nice round apple shape. Gather the top tightly and punch the needle with the thread into the middle right through the apple to the bottom, tighten, then sew back up through the top. Secure tightly. For the leaf, draw a leaf about 5 cm long, transfer on piece of fabric, folded in half, right sides facing. Sew all around the shape and cut out. Make a slit in only one side of the leaf and carefully turn right side out. Iron and stitch the slit closed. Then stitch to the top part of apple (looks good at an angle). For the stem take a wooden skewer and cut off about 4.5 cm. Paint brown, let dry and insert in the middle of the apple.

Hope this helps!