Friday, November 7, 2008

What happened to the BLOGGER tool bar???

There's something strange going on with the posts here on Blogger. Since yesterday, I no longer have the 'tool bar' at the top of the 'create new post' box!?
So, how should I add links now? Or enlarge my words? Or move my text right or left?
Anyone else have this problem?

ps - I haven't done any changes or switched browsers either. Cache and cookies all cleared, too.



p.l.s. said...

I haven't experienced any problem like this.

I suggest you try logging in to and try creating a post there.

Good luck!

Duni said...

Ok. Thanks for responding p.l.s.
I'll try that!


marly said...

Hello Duni.thank you for commenting back in my blog. About the blogger tool, maybe it is just because of the browser sometimes. But I hope you tried what p.l.s suggested. It'll be fine :) See you again.

Duni said...

p.l.s. - hey, it worked!

marly - it seems it's a problem with Opera. I tried Modzilla and the tool bar was fine. But I prefer working with Opera. Oh well.

Have a nice day to you both