Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I need more time!

I have been neglecting this blog somewhat - but only because my other blog is keeping me busy, busy, busy. Not only have I been selling my bags like crazy, I received an award yesterday too! So, apart from my regular work I am working on new bag designs, sourcing fabric and sewing non-stop. Then there's all the promoting to do. Help! I need more time!
A good friend of mine reminded me to come up for air once in a while. She's so right. I've been neglecting the chores around the house too, and I haven't done any exercise in weeks! I feel so guilty. Hubby hasn't complained or anything (bless him), although I have caught him eyeing the laundry basket wondering when I'll get round to washing the underwear...
So I have made a deal with myself.
I will restrict promoting to one hour per day. I will get up half an hour earlier to go through my exercise routine. From now on Monday will be Laundry Day, and on Sunday I will just relax, go for a walk, okay, maybe jot down a few new design ideas...
Keeping fingers crossed, hoping this new self-imposed regimen will work ☺

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