Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Embarrassing moments # 3

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I must have been about was my first time on a sophisticated date. All my previous dates were more the 'Pizza Hut' kind. Anyway, my date took me to dinner to this really classy restaurant in a five star hotel, and I was a just a little nervous, since I hadn't eaten at such a fancy place before. The week before I had even splurged on a new dress just for the occasion.
So we sat there at the candle-lit table contemplating the menu. There was a waiter hovering silently nearby. Soft, classical music played in the background. At the time I knew nothing about wine, so I was pretty relieved when my date offered to make a choice for both of us. 
Then the waiter sidled up to the table and it was time to order. I thought 'Lobster Bisque' sounded nice, so I ordered that as an entreé. It was in the soup section on the menu, so what could go wrong, right? 
Anyway, my date and I were enjoying each other's company, and a little while later both our entreé's arrived. I remember being a little surprised when the waiter set down the deep plate in front of me, because all I saw were three pieces of lobster 'morsels' arranged artfully at the centre. My date had ordered a ceasar salad, and it was clear he was ready to tuck in, so I picked up my fork and began spearing one of the lobster pieces. At that moment I heard the waiter snickering behind me. I didn't want to upset the mood, so I just ignored him. Then - out of nowhere - another waiter swooped down on me bearing a soup terrine and this huge ladle. At this point there was one lobster morsel left on my plate. The waiter coughed and told me to please lay down my fork...I was really confused, but I did what he told me..and then, omg, I realized! I was supposed to have waited for the piping hot soup to be ladled on to the lobster pieces. My date was trying not to smile. And I was trying not to disappear into a hole in the ground.
Jeez...I was eating soup with a fork.
The two waiters were cracking up, and the one with the ladle really took his t--i--m--e to fill up my plate.
Somehow, 'Lobster Bisque' sounded better than it tasted.


Lynne said...

Oh no! I've ordered lobster bisque on several occasions at several different restaurants and never had it served that way! I think I would've done exactly what you did. I think the 2 dishes should've been served at the same time!

Duni said... too :-/

Shea said...

your avatar is cute

Duni said...

shea...thank you!
the 'real me' is a little older-looking, though ☺