Thursday, November 20, 2008

What does Christmas mean to you?

Although most people in this town are staunch Catholics, it always amazes me how materialistic everyone starts to act, especially around the Christmas season.
I was talking to a few of my students about what they liked most about Christmas, and most of them replied 'the gifts'.
Indeed, I've seen plenty of harrassed-looking mothers dashing in and out of the only toy-shop in the town center loaded down with bags full of cheap plastic in the shape of barbie dolls and playmobil - all undoubtedly made by tiny hands in the Far East.
I've seen even more harrassed-looking fathers heaving stereo's and flatscreen T.V.'s and huge PC's into their family van. Yep, kids are so demanding these days.
When I think of Christmas I have fond memories of sitting round the dining table eating my mum's delicious home-cooked meal, having pleasant conversations, laughing a lot, and yes, of course I was excited about what my parents might have bought me, although I never demanded anything. I was always happy with anything they bought me. We weren't showered with gifts - all the more to appreciate what we did receive. Till this day I appreciate everything that is given to me, regardless of its value in the material sense.
Sometimes all I need is a hug and I'm happy.

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cube said...

I agree with you about the commercialism of Christmas. It used to be better when I was a kid and we didn't focus so much on money and acquisitiveness.