Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Shopping

In a previous post I wrote about the insanity revolving around Christmas and gift giving. I am so glad to be exempt from this hassle, because I tend to buy gifts throughout the year. Whenever something catches my eye and I know it would be perfect for a friend or someone in the family I go ahead and buy it. It's then kept for safe-keeping until that person's birthday or another 'traditional' event, such as Christmas comes up.
Naturally, most of my female friends receive one of my handmade gifts, which is all the more appreciated, because when I made it I only had them in mind. This is a truly unique gift. Not only do I love choosing fabrics which I know they will like, the whole designing and sewing process becomes that much more enjoyable! I usually plan these gifts well in advance. Now, isn't that a much more relaxing approach to Christmas?
All I need to think about is what I'll be cooking for Christmas dinner. I usually pre-order the meat for the main course well in advance. Then I just need to pick it up a day before or so. Desserts can be made a day in advance, too. So, instead of slaving away for hours in the kitchen on Christmas Eve (we celebrate on the 24th) I can reduce that time to about two hours and enjoy sitting at the dining table with my family instead.

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