Monday, November 10, 2008

PC Problems...sigh

I'm not too happy with Opera at the moment. I've been using this browser for ages and I quite like the interface. Everything worked fine - until now! Even with the updated version the pages I call up don't load completely or stop loading entirely. Yesterday, Opera completely shut down by itself...
So, I'm using Mozilla now. I will need to import all my important bookmarked sites. I wonder if Mozilla has a feature that let's me call up my favourite sites quickly (like Opera does). Can anyone enlighten me on this?

Attention all Entrecarders: If I don't reciprocate drops, it's because I can't seem to log in to Entrecard! And when I finally do, the 'drop' doesn't work. Also had to approve an advert twice - hope that worked at least! Entrecard seems to be lagging! So...I apologize in advance.

I really hope someone will help me solve my PC problem...

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Catti-brie said...

Hi Duni,

ich benutze Mozilla schon sehr lange und finde ihn einfach klasse. Du kannst deine Lieblingsseiten in verschiedenen "Tabs" öffnen und einfach offen lassen. Wenn du Mozilla dann das nächste Mal startest, starten auch alle deine Lieblingsseiten. Vielleicht brauchst du dafür noch ein oder zwei Add-ons. Probiers mal aus, ansonsten guck nach "Tab Saver!"

Alles Liebe