Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wrong number!

I registered my private telephone number from the day I moved to the country, but now I'm thinking of changing it, even with all the hassle that that entails.
I've been getting strange calls lately - and the people calling all expect their call to be forwarded to one patient or the other. So it seems there's a new clinic or hospital or private practice here somewhere with a similar number to mine. One good lady who called a couple of days ago was kind enough to tell me the number she dialled. The number is exactly the same as mine, except for one additional digit at the end, which happens to be the same digit as the last one of my telephone number. So...I assume the people calling must be pressing the buttons really s-l-o-w-l-y, and by the time their finger touches that last button the call has already gone through to me!


tracifish said...

That's just weird. I've never heard of phone numbers with an extra digit before.

Are you going to change your number?

Duni said...

Hi tracifish -
here in (small town) Germany it's usual for the telephone number to have 5 digits only. But since more and more businesses are opening, the Telecom has added a 6th digit.
This week's been quiet...so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully I won't have to change my number!