Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Improvement

When we first moved into our house it took about one and a half years to make it reasonably liveable! Apart from tearing down a few walls and the plumbing we did A LOT of the work ourselves: everything from laying parquet flooring, tiling, plastering the walls, putting up wall paper, name it, we did it. I thought that when my walk-in wardrobe was finally finished - that was it. No more work!
Little did we realize that this was going to be an ongoing project ☺
It kind of feels like I'm living on the set of Tim Allen's 'Home Improvement' !
After living in the house for a while we decided we needed to add a door at the top of the stairs to separate the upper from the lower and also to save energy. With the door installed, there's less of an echo now. A year later we (I) realized we needed an additional room! Mainly because I work from home and it was getting tiresome working out of the dining room. Okay, I admit, I'm the guilty party here! So we moved our bedroom up into the attic - the original one was way too huge anyway - and built a dividing wall to make two tidy offices. Yippee! Of course, another door needed to be installed.
Recently, we were sitting on the sofa contemplating what to do with all our books which were spilling onto the floor. We have a huge collection. So, this evening a carpenter, whom we are acqainted with will come by to take some measurements. This time we'll need the helping hand, because we're planning to tear out a large window to make way for a 'book nook'. I wonder if this is going to be the last thing we do on improving our home...

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