Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What's wrong with Entrecard these days? While logging in I got 'serious error'. I closed the site and reopened - and suddenly there I was already logged on.  Since I was already logged on I decided to drop a few cards, only to find that most of the cards I clicked on were 'temporarily disabled'. I know that Entrecard is going through some maintenance, but I didn't think it would take days and days... just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?
Or is it just me?!


Lilize said...

Hey there and thanks for the comment!!!

I've had white hair since I was a teen pretty much, but I'd get one at every blue moon... now it's like... one day I look in the mirror and there are 5 on the very top of my head. I just wanna drop dead there and then.

Anyways, interesting blog, I will explore the other one better soon, now my bf has forbidden me to go on any sites that sell stuff (I'm a maniac). lol.

see you soon!

Aimey said...

It has been really laggy. :( Your layouts adorable!