Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture Perfect

About six weeks ago my husband and I went shopping for framed prints to hang on the last available space in our living room. We were lucky to find the exact prints we wanted - Roses by Gabor Barthez - and the exact frames in matt silver with a 'double glazing' effect. However, the frames already contained another set of prints, which didn't really match out living room colour scheme. We asked the shop assistant if we could have the prints exchanged for the ones we wanted. She told us she would have to check with the supplier. 
While she made the call we inspected the frames and found that the back piece of glass was only siliconed onto the front piece and held with a thin strip of wood - easy to manipulate, we were both thinking ;-)
The shop assistant returned and told us if we wanted another set of prints in the frames it would cost Euro 69,90 per frame, which is outrageous! The original price for the frames only cost 29,90 each. So we left the shop and did some brainstorming in the parking lot. Then we went back in and told the assistant we'd take the frames as they come and buy the prints separately. She gave us a funny look but ordered them anyway. 
They arrived at the weekend. Then we got to work. It took us a mere 20 minutes to untack the wooden pieces and peel off the silicone. Then we gently lifted the back glass, replaced the prints, and finally sealed the edges. Easy-peasy!
As an aside - when we went to pick the frames up the shop assistant gave us a knowing wink.

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Laura said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, by the way!

I've done some custom framing, myself. It's amazing when you can get great deals on the clearance rack and change it into something you can use. What a fun project!