Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grey & grumpy

Currently we're having a very grey and foggy October. I have a feeling that people get uptight and grumpy the longer they are exposed to this type of weather! Yesterday, I visited a fabric store, and the minute I entered the shop this wave of grumpiness hit me. There were two shop assistants. They were standing in a corner griping about one thing or another, not even registering that I (a customer) had come into the shop. Indeed, I got the feeling I wasn't even welcome. Anyway, since I had come to look for a few particular items I just grabbed a shopping basket and headed towards the bolts of fabric, minding my own business. Then I overheard one of the shop assistants actually berating this elderly customer who apparently lost the slip that is handed out with each fabric purchase. The poor lady looked a little lost while she stood there being scolded like a school child. I had actually wanted to ask this shop assistant to help me with a purchase, but her behaviour really put me off! So I went back to minding my own business and trying to figure out what I needed. In the end I only bought a few notions and only one type of fabric (I'm known for buying loads ☺) and the cashier barely lifted her head when it was my turn to pay, much less thanked me for it...
Please, let there be sun!

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