Sunday, July 13, 2008

Supermarket Surplus

For a town this small there are an awful lot of supermarkets, and they come in three distinct categories:

1. discounters with short, catchy names like Plus or Aldi or Lidl
    now, this is where 80% of this town's population shop. Everything comes in bulk at economy     prices. Of course, something's got to give and it's usually the quality...

2. Farmshops / healthfood shops
    these are 'green grocers' in the literal sense. Insiders go there; the quality's top notch - so are
    the prices! They have a steady following: 30somethings and the eco-brigade.

3. Last but not least there's Wilger - rated among the top10 best supermarkets in the
    country! It's huge, the staff is well-trained, they carry 'exotic' fruit like mangosteen and     physallis, they have a well-stocked fresh cheese counter and superb meat. There're two aisles     of breakfast cereal and loads and loads of canned/frozen food. I could spend half a day here    and probably spend half a fortune ;-)

And who do you think frequents the last one? Banker types? Dinks? No way! Last time I was
there (I only bought a packet of dried apricots) the place was swarming with pensioners!!!
Just goes to show, huh?

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