Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Rain

It's depressing.
I couldn't sleep last night, because of the incessant patter of rain on the bedroom window. This morning I looked outside and it's still raining, thick clouds covering the sky like a blanket.
Everything looks grey - even people's faces ;-)
I can relate though.
I spent two years in sunny Indonesia and no matter what, people were always friendly and smiling. I guess it really has to do with the sun shining brightly for most of the year...
One positive aspect is that I seem to get a lot more work done, even though I've only had a few hours sleep.
I'm developing worksheets at the moment for the pupils who are taking my summer course.
Later this month I'll be heading up to Duesseldorf (the fashion capital of Germany) for a couple of days during the CPD. That's the international Fashion Trade Show. Okay, so I'm not officially part of this bi-annual event, but sometimes I just need to feel the buzz for old times sake ;-) , catch up with ex-colleagues and (sometimes acquire a new translating assignment) hehe.

Bye for now.

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