Thursday, July 17, 2008

The *bofrost man never rings twice

When the doorbell rang this afternoon I was expecting a pupil, so I was mildly irritated by the presence of a middle-aged, rugged-looking fella leaning up against my doorjamb. I noticed he was wearing a blue cap low on his forehead with the *bofrost logo smack in the middle, and my heart sank.
At this point I better tell you that *bofrost is one of Germany's leading frozen food delivery services.
Anyway, I smile uncertainly - but then my ears prick up as he starts mumbling something about his daughter needing tutoring (I have a sign on the door). Immediately I switch to suave business mode and hand him my card. So far, so good.
Now comes the down part.
Out of nowhere he produces a *bofrost catalogue and quickly presses it in my still outstretched hand...I step back in alarm, but he's already got one foot in the door before I had a chance close it.

So then he starts rattling off the specials at high speed, and although I've never really been keen on frozen stuff & seeing as we've got plenty of fresh produce in our own garden, I find myself agreeing to 'test buy' (whatever that means) a few items. Maybe because I stupidly thought he'll return the favour by bringing round his educationally-challenged daughter next time!

Next thing I know he's dumping the bags of frozen food in my hallway and while I'm counting out the cash a funny feeling washes over me...kind of like I'm being duped big-time. So, just to make sure I tap my sign on the door for emphasis and tell him his daughter can ring me any time.

At this he pockets the money, moves off toward his van (smiling triumphantly, I think) and calls back something along the lines of 'yeah, sure', at which point my blood pressure rises.
Damn. And I didn't even catch his name...

I've cooled off a bit as I'm writing this, but still. Yup, guys and girls, there's a lesson to be learnt here somewhere...

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