Monday, June 30, 2008

Windsor Lock

I've noticed that apart from myself everyone around me carries one of those sleek electronic notebooks. Indeed, I've been persuaded by many to chuck my beloved Windsor Lock (Filofax doesn't carry this style anymore) in favour of an electronic one.
Me? I wouldn't dream of it. I've had my trusted original filofax for close to twenty years, and yes, the leather's cracked and peeling at the edges, and the loop for my pen has come undone...BUT I like flicking through the pages and writing addresses manually AND it's got sentimental value: it was a gift to me upon my graduation from business college.
Okay, so now you can probably guess how old I am.
But anyway, the reason I'm writing this is because I've read an article in a women's magazine recently saying that the filofax in making a triumphant come-back! My heart did a little skip when I read that.
Ha! So it paid off to keep hanging on to it after all.
According to the article, any woman with a filofax (preferably LV) tucked under one arm is considered super trendy. For this season anyway...

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