Friday, June 27, 2008

Continuing along this clothesline of thought...
'So, what's she wearing nowadays?' I hear you girls ask. Has she completely swapped her Theory/Malandrino/Marc Jacobs wardrobe for gumboots and mille-fleur patterned dresses?
Well, not quite.
Admittedly, I do own a pair of gumboots, but they're from Cath Kidston and really cute :-)

Anyway, the sun's out and it's nice and hot today. The sky is the kind of pure blue you normally only get to see in California. This is good. We're having a BBQ in our garden later today. Nothing fancy, just a couple of close friends, my husband and myself. My hubby has already gone and bought two crates of beer, as there's going to be a lot of rejoicing over Germany's victory football match last Wednesday night. (atleast among the menfolk)
And us ladies?
Oh, we'll be busy discussing the latest 'KitchenAid' model, I'm sure. Honestly. Would I kid you?


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