Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green is my favourite colour

It's the end of June; the start of the summer holidays in this region, and I still can't get over how green and lush the garden looks at this time of year; the right flank is overflowing with roses and clematis and great big rhododendron are blooming on the left. I used to live in one of the high-rise blocks you can see in the picture, and the only green patch I ever saw was the mold that grew in the top corner of my shower cubicle!
When I first came here I actually had an aversion to grass - much like neurotic TV-detective Adrian Monk.
Now I own a vegetable patch.
Watching my plants grow is very meditative and soothing to the mind. It's also quite rewarding harvesting the produce - and to think that I used to consider that plastic-wrapped supermarket stuff fresh!

So, tell me. How many of you have secretly always wanted to grow your own veggies?

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