Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When I moved here a couple of years ago it seemed I was the only girl wearing a suit. Honestly.
Not to mention the heels, the chunky jewelry and oversized designer bag.
Why would I notice such trivial things? Well, I'll explain. 
In my previous life I was a successful fashion merchandiser travelling around the globe, staying in top-notch hotels, dining in gourmet restaurants and enjoying all the perks my high-flying career offered. So what happened? How come I ended up in this sleepy town where bleached jeans, heavy-soled boots and flannel shirts are considered the height of fashion? And not only for the guys.
Truth is, I got sick. Very, very sick. My company didn't like sick people to represent them, even though I had done a tremendous job and all the clients liked and respected me. I didn't wait for them to give me the sack. Instead I upped sticks and moved to the country to start all over again. Not unlike Marin Frist in Men   in Trees. ;-) (Too bad they axed the show after only two seasons.)
Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only big city girl that has moved to a small town and it's not as bad as it initially seemed. More on this in my next posts -
got to feed the cat.

P.S. - from big city to small town in the country: what's your excuse?

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The Artist said...

My excuse? My Wife brought me here. I used to make lots of money but the stress of big city was getting to both of us, and her company offered her a sweet job in a small town. We decided, and thankfully I married a smart woman, that big towns mean longer commute and higher stress. Now I commute less that 10 miles a day. We think about and miss the busy large cities, but then, when you go take a walk in your small neighborhood and feel how quiet it is... you know you're home...