Monday, June 30, 2008


Okay, maybe you won't find a decent pair of shoes in this little town, but you'll definitely never run out of Aspirins, that's for sure!
Warning: for all serious shopper girls planning to move here - there are more pharmacies and opticians located in the town square alone than any other major city I've lived in.

Makes me wonder how sick people think they're going to get while living here...gulp. ;-)

But don't despair, if you ever visit, there are a handful of reasonable shops that sell reasonably trendy clothes, there's a bookshop, a stationery, a shop selling toys and other paraphernalia for kids, a few hair salons, a cheap chainstore selling shoes and right next to that another store selling more upmarket type shoes and the latest addition: a shop that sells everything from plastic kitchen ware to gardening tools to disposable undies. And get this - all for 1 Euro.
Incidentally, it's called the One Euro Shop.

Happy shopping!

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