Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why? COS! (it's better than H&M)

Ever since H&M launched its highly successful mail-order catalogue last year, thereby cheering the hearts of millions of women who don't happen to have an H&M store round the corner, we now get to see teens and twens wearing the exact same mille-fleur blouse with the exact same denim skirt sitting in McDonald's at exactly the same time. There's also a sea of look-alike baby-doll tops lined up at the checkout counter, and seven pairs of identical skinny jeans in the exact same shade of dirty blue waiting for the bus to arrive.
If you're like me, and you don't fancy the 'clone' look, COS (collection of style) is your best bet. They're a concept store part of the H&M Group, but it's high fashion at reasonable prices. In fact, it's just a notch down from pret-a-porter!
Check out the stores in UK / Germany / Netherlands / Belgium and Denmark.
Or visit www.cosstores.com

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