Sunday, August 3, 2008

Farmer's Market

Summer is usually the time for festivals, fairs, music & art events and so on...and small towns are no exception.

So, if you want to catch the Farmer's Market, head on down to the neighbouring R-town!
Kids will have a chance to see live animals - everything from horses, cows, sheep, chickens and the odd donkey. Yes, I'm sure all those kids who practically live on a farm will appreciate this.

There's basket making for those of you with a lot of time on their hands, potato-printing for those of you in need of 'ethnic' looking table-cloths, and for people suffering from 'sprue', there's yummy buckwheat pancakes!
Of course, my personal high-light of the day - the 'Kunterdanz' - not to be missed! Old bags dressed in traditional garb stomping around to folksy tunes.

On the other hand you could do what everyone normally does. Get legless.

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