Saturday, January 3, 2009

New projects for 2009

Well, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and holiday season. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful Christmas and New Year's wishes! Thank you so much and the same to you and your families of course!

The last few weeks have been crazy for me work-wise. I've had last-minute translations to do, loads of new students to tutor and my new blog showcasing my bags has really hit it off. Not to mention sewing assignments and selling/marketing my bags.
My hubby mentioned that I seem to be spending my life in my home office; indeed I haven't really been out and about at all lately and I admit, I do feel somewhat drained. This is having a negative effect on my creativity, and believe me, I love designing and sewing bags! This is something I do not want to give up. No way.
So, for 2009 I'm going to be making a few adjustments - starting with this blog. I've written well over 100 posts since I started B-town Blues last summer. I've 'met' wonderful bloggers in the blogosphere, made friends, read interesting sites, scanned other blogs for information. I just love blogging. It has opened up a whole new world to me...unfortunately I only have so much time per day and since I want to concentrate more on my creative blog, I will put this blog to rest. In fact, this is the last post! I apologize to the 3 or 4 loyal readers ☺ who have been reading along. Don't worry, I'm not going to disappear entirely. You are very welcome to visit me at

Further, I will be working on my very own website - I've already bought the url - where I will be selling my bags. I believe this will greatly enhance my visibility, popularity and image, and it will be more convenient for local customers to buy off my website, instead of searching for my shop on the handmade selling site that I am currently using.
So, this going to take up yet more time...

Attention Entrecard Advertisers - please don't advertise on this blog anymore, I am going to be taking it down soon. I will keep up the site for those that have been approved already. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

So, with mixed feelings, I'm going to be saying goodbye now. I wish everyone a wonderful new year, peace, joy and happiness! Hope some of you will come visit me at Lovely Purses!



Ju Ann said...

Hi! oh so this is your personal blog! :) Nice to know you Duni! :)

Cascia said...

Sounds like you are going to have a very busy 2009! You have a very nice blog here. I look forward to reading more. Good luck with your new blog.